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Infant care is perhaps one of the most intimidating tasks that a parent can undertake. Whether it is the fact that they are very fragile or the laundry list of tasks that comes along with a newborn, many parents find themselves overwhelmed. At Brightstars Educational Center, we can help you with your infant care in Southfield, MI.

We are empathetic with your difficult decision to turn the care of your infant over to others for a portion of the day. We want to assure you that at our preschool center, we are professional and competent caregivers who truly love and care about all children who attend. Specialized programs for infants guarantee to keep them active, their minds stimulated and make certain their developmental process hindered in any way.

Our preschool care center has a reputation for superior quality care, effective communication, security, and happy children. Our years of experience in a day care setting have proven to us what works in infant care programs. We believe in the power of human touch for infants, and most staff members feel that the hours we spend every day holding babies is the best part of our job. We also feel that babies need time alone to learn how to comfort themselves and to self-entertain.

Infant care is vital as they learn how their bodies work, how to move their hands, etc. Therefore, proper care and nurturing is important. We have cared for dozens of infants and babies and we offer professional baby care. We know how to swaddle them, feed them the appropriate amount of formula or breast milk, play with them, provide them with love, and more.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable day care is a difficult task when looking for someone to care for your infant. Brightstars Educational Center offers a reputable service to care for your child while you are away. Call us for more information about our infant services.

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