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Your child’s education is very important, and it’s essential for their future that their education begins in the best possible way. Preschool education is a crucial stepping stone for a child’s growth and development, and here at Brightstars Educational Center, we aim to provide your children with the highest quality education in the best possible environment. Our program is geared toward encouraging your child’s talents and providing them with a nurturing environment in which to learn, grow, and discover!

Pre-school encourages each child to form a self-perception as a “learner” – a person who can solve problems and who can communicate ideas and feelings to others. The children will develop their own intellectual processes in the opportunities presented for critical thinking, building and testing of concepts. The children will learn a new mode of social living in group activities as they learn to see value in themselves and others. Our curriculum is academically based, with an emphasis on Kindergarten preparation.

At Brightstars Educational Center your little ones will learn language and reading, social studies, mathematics, and science discovery, as well as have plenty of time for art, music, and social development! We also emphasize physical health and safety, and everyday incorporates plenty of time both outside and inside to run, play, and explore in our lovely homelike facility and our huge outdoor play areas.

The preschool curriculum is a great way to provide the day-to-day care your child needs and deserves. Nurturing and trained instructors and caregivers lead the children through a daily schedule that is flexible but structured, with plenty of time to develop social, academic, and personal skills. Early child development is crucial, and preschool development is best delivered in a safe and loving environment.

Our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have when enrolling your child. Please contact us today for more information!

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